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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 15, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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it's july 15th. glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy friday morning to you. i think we're all feeling tgif. we're having a little problem with the audio. we apologize for that. we'll continue with tucker barnes. >> you know the rules. friday is always better than thursday. it doesn't matter what the forecast is. in this case, the friday forecast could not be better. going to be bright and beautiful with high temperatures back in the 80s. that's it. low humidity. this is going to be a nice one. 69 rite now at reagan national. here's a live look at the temperatures. 60s throughout the area. 50s overnight. 62 in ocean city. 63 in winchester. 63 in fredericksburg. very comfortable conditions across the area. dew points running in the 40s and 50s. and that signifies we have some dry air overhead. looking at the satellite radar. a few clouds moving through to
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the west. kind of that high, thin cloudy cloudiness. quiet conditions. outdoor plans go for it. it's going to be ideal with lows back in the 60s. sunshine and a beautiful day. 86 your daytime high. more details on the forecast and a look at the weekend coming up. let's do some traffic with julie wright. if you're traveling around town this morning, you'll find lanes are open with no incidents reported as you continue to work to and from the wilson bridge. the chopper with us this morning. they are checking out the accident that was reported south of university boulevard. we have the accident activity that they are in the process of moving out of the roadway. so this is definitely impacting your drive. they are pushing this disabled car out of the roadway to get some lanes reopened here.
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this is going to be on a portion of rigs road as you approach university boulevard. no incidents on the beltway between college park. we'll take it back inside. traveling 395 northbound leaving duke street, all loans are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our top story this morning. with white house debt talks going nowhere, president obama goes on the offense. he has a press conference scheduled for later this morning. doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: neither side in this debate has budged and with a deadline rapidly approaching, it's getting personal. they met again at the white house and again came up short. the administration sent timothy geithner to congress with a stark warning. >> we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem. >> reporter: the problem is
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clear. we're just about to run out of borrowed money. it may not help that negotiations may be spinning out of control. look at how crowded this room is. >> there's too many people in there. >> reporter: raise taxes or make deeper budget cuts. mitch mcconnell is still trying to sell his backup plan to allow the president to borrow more but take a political hit in the process. eric canter will not give in to new taxes. he carries a great deal of sway in these talks. >> i'm willing to work with everybody, including eric canter, to solve problems. and my relationship with all the leaders has been cordial and professional, but at a certain point, the american people run out of patience. >> reporter: congress starts to run out of patience as well.
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an idea was flooded to move the talks to camp david. both republicans and democrats shot that down. doug luzader, fox news. >> we're going to have the president's address live for you at 11 a.m. here on fox 5. we'll also stream that live on details in britain's phone hacking scandal. james murdoch says international will apologize for hacking. rebecca broke the chief executive and editor of the paper news of the world has now resigned. she will appear for questioning in front of parliament next week and rupert murdoch will also answer questions after first saying they would not. also the director of the fbi is confirming that the bureau is launching a probe after congress raised hacking of 9/11 victims. a fire broke out late last night at holy cross hospital in
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montgomery county. >> there were evacuation of patients for the latest, we go to sherri ly in silver spring. >> reporter: things are back to normal here this morning. that fire was isolated overnight and quickly put out. but not before causing some very tense moments as smoke filled part of the building. the fire was reported around 11:15 last night on the third floor at the hospital in silver spring. month golly scott emergency fire and rescue happen to have a medic unit at the hospital already bringing patients to the emergency room. they went up to investigate and found the fire on the outside of the building. smoke was coming inside the labor and delivery suites on the third floor. they immediately put emergency plans into action and moved patients to safety. >> fire rescue assisted personnel with the evacuation of patients to an area of safe
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refuge. no patients were in any em innocent danger. the patients were removed by holy cross hospital staff immediately and all procedures continued without delay. there were no injuries to civilians. there were no injuries to the patients at the hospital at the time nor firefighters. >> reporter: the fire was put out in just about 20 minutes. the fire department said that it actually started near the ground floor. no word on the estimate for damages. no injuries however, this caused some major disruption. that's the latest here. back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. we want to take a look at our other top stories. a man accused of kidnapping and dismembering a boy made his first court appearance. he's charged with killing a boy on monday. he got lost walking home from
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summer camp. police have not ruled out sexual molestation. in maryland two arrested a deadly home invasion. john haston. they are accused of killing the homeowner. police believe he was targeted because he's a business owner. police caught a suspect shortly after the shooting. they arrested another one yesterday morning. they do not typically send workers door to door. if you're unsure if it's a worker at your door, call the customer service line. a maryland man is lend bars accused of trying to kidnap a boy from a best buy store. wednesday this happened. the child's father says jermaine palmer grabbed his son and took off running. the father chased him down. witnesses jumped in and helped. the child was not hurt.
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the man police say stole a car with a toddler and a mother inside are due in court for a bond review. this started wednesday night at a baltimore gas station and ended on the beltway. that's where the 24-year-old victim bailed out of the car with her young son. the suspect is a 22-year-old from baltimore. he's facing kidnapping and traffic violations. larry say has been charged with three attacks over a 4- year period ending last july. he approached the women on the street and ordered them to follow him to a secluded area. before the assault, he would threaten to arrest the victims. >> it's hard on us. and it's hard on who do we trust and don't trust.
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>> he had his police powers revoked last year. he's one of a dozen police officers to face criminal charges this year. police arrested a second person in an acid attack from last year. katrina watts was injured in the attacks. yesterday police arrested tamara jackson and charged her with assault. she coerced or influenced anderson to throw acid on watts. investigators don't think there were anymore suspects involved. making headlines this morning, a surprise ending to the roger clemens perjury trial on just the second day of testimony ending in a mistrial. the judge halted it. a videotape of a former teammate's wife saying her husband told her that clemens confessed. they decided clemens could no
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longer get a fair trial. suffered one of the largest losses of sensitive data ever. officials are not saying which nation they believe is responsible, but they are outlining a new strategy to protect government information. the pentagon has already been working with folks to build a new set of safeguards. new evaluation rule changes for d.c. schools could save teacher jobs. the chancellor says the new rules will keep some teachers from getting the pink slips. the teachers union pot says the teachers who were judged minimally effective can be granted an exception. and former mayor adrian thente has a new job. the former mayor also discussed what he thinks about the current state of the district. >> no question about it.
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i grew up in washington d.c. in so many ways, it's come a long way. there's no single person that's responsible for that. a lot of people contributed. i worked with some great people on the city council that did a lot for the city. >> the former mayor also says he thinks the school's chancellor is doing a good job. 7:11 on this friday morning. scary moments for a woman on metro. she nearly died after falling on the tracks. we'll hear from the man that saved her life and find out what is most shocking why she fell. that story straight ahead. 
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7:15 on this friday morning. it is a beautiful start to the day. had a full moon overnight. that's a beautiful cloud. they are stick aroundbit every today. >> you got it. cloud cover adding to the nice scenery. the atmosphere relatively dry. you don't see that haze in the atmosphere. we're all systems go for a great-looking day and a fantastic weekend. the temperatures will trend a few degrees below normal. 65 in boston. as we focus out to the west, it's not all good news.
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there's a lot of heat out there. look at wichita. 83 degrees. dallas 84. i show you this heat because it will build and build this weekend. as we get into early next week, guess where that heat is headed? so enjoy the next couple days if you've been putting off outdoor activities like mowing the lawn, you might want to consider doing it the next day or two. satellite and radar just a few clouds moving through. clear skies out into ohio and west virginia. that will generally be the trend around here for the next few days. next thunderstorm chance won't get here until tuesday. we'll warm up by the end of the weekend. humidity is back by sunday. but today 86 and sunshine. >> really good looking. thank you.
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we're going to check in with julie wright in a minute. let's focus on metro now. >> we are monitoring metro. pack your patience if you plan to ride. expect delays. there will be maintenance work at 10 tonight through sunday. check their website for specific details. we all know texting and driving is dangerous. what about texting while walking? especially hazards near rail tracks. >> a woman nearly died after texting while walking. that hero pulled her to safety. >> i came up here on this platform. >> reporter: johnathan dudly ran after hearing a second scream. a woman was on the tracks.
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i guess her sandal had been impaled by one of the spokes. it was actually stuck on the tracks. >> reporter: two people kneeled over to reach her. dudly jumped. >> i had to take a leap of faith. that was the scariest part. i had to hoist her up and put her on to the platform. >> reporter: the woman said she was texting, walked off the escalator, and right off the platform. a few feet made all the difference between life and death. right over there is the third rail. had the woman touched that, she would have been electrocuted. >> it's really a concern that someone could be so engrossed in texting and not paying attention to their surroundings to walk right off the edge of the platform. >> reporter: he only vaguely knew about the 750 volt elect
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call current. metro sees people trip and fall while texting. >> those are the opportunities for accidents to happen. >> reporter: the accident happened july 3rd. a sunday. trains run every 12 minutes instead of every 6. fortunate timing because minutes after the rescue, a train arrived. >> it definitely shook me up a little bit. i had tears in my eyes. >> reporter: he doesn't remember the woman's name or saw if she had her phone. sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> metics treated the woman at the station. the good samaritan told that woman that he had done a similar thing to try to make her feel better. let's get a look at what's happening out there with traffic.
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>> we have problems right now in virginia. we started off this morning with a crash inner loop at the beltway. that's all gone. lanes are open and traffic looks pretty good traveling from 66. here's the latest wreck. this is northbound 395. just as you pass duke street, the activity in the main line tieing up the left side of the road. we have a couple vehicles involved in this crash. delays for this now building from the beltway headed northbound on to 395. our express lanes are in good shape. northbound 395 north of duke street. 270 still in the clear. headed to rockville. outer loop of the beltway will slow to colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a drug trafficking ring busted at the airport. couriers were smuggling heroin into the united states from
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ghana. officials say the ring would pay some $15,000 per trip to the folks who would smuggle the heroin. a passenger tried to carry on this large collection of knives. an expressway machine flagged the bag with 13 inside. a 25-year-old baltimore man was taken into custody. he was flying to minnesota and says he collects knives. a tsa spokesperson says officer find knives and guns at check points every day, but the number of weapons this time was unusual. two airlines collided on boston logan's international airport. the wing of a delta jet clipped the tail of another plane. investigators are still trying to figure out how this happened. both aircraft have been taken out of service for inspection.
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just one passenger complained of neck pain after the crash. otherwise, no injuries reported. a volcano in indonesia sends thousands of people running from their homes. we have an update on what's happening. 
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secretary of state hillary clinton says she's confident that moammar gadhafi's days in power are numbered. the international community will increase the pressure. in the meantime, rebels are asking for more support as they struggle to defeat loyalist forces. investigators in india pouring over forensic evidence looking also at footage from closed circuit televisions. 17 people died when the explosions rocked the commercial district. nobody has claimed responsibility so far. police have not named any suspects. an a volcano in indonesia
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erupted. it sent thousands fleeing from their homes. 7:26 right now on this friday morning. the debt talks seem to be going no where. today the president will speak out on the matter. we'll get more insight on the debate when we talk to an expert. as we take you to break, a live look outside. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. 
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crew of atlantis waking up to the beatles this morning. they woke up to another computer failure in one of the shuttle's main computers. they will spend the day troubleshooting that problem. this is the second malfunction since sunday.
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i guess they have been doing it because it's the final flight. nothing but a-listers. >> we wish them the best. beautiful skies here. >> couldn't be off to a nicer start. temperatures overnight in the 50s in some spots. mild. and the best part is not much humidity. here's the even better part. bones weather for july. it will be here later today. dry weather with a slow warming trend here. nothing too extreme until we start to get into next week. nice and dry this afternoon. weekend looks good. it looks perfect with lows back into the 60s.
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i mentioned the warm-up. down right hot by the middle of next week. well into the 90s. we might get one of these extended stays with a lot of heat and humidity. my advice is enjoy the next couple days because the heat will be back. 69 at reagan national. haven't warmed up much in the last few hours. 66 in gaithersburg. off to the northwest, they are at 64. cambridge at 64. 72 in stevensville. don't have a lot to show you on the radar. just a couple clouds out there. high, thin clouds associated with some rain off to the northwest. really that's about the worst of the forecast. the rain across kentucky will stay to the south. we'll kind of watch this as high pressure moves across the region. bright sunshine expected today. quiet conditions for the weekend. outdoor plans saturday and sunday. go for it. it should be nice.
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we'll warm up on sunday. nothing too extreme around here for the next couple days. 86 your daytime high. that's a few degrees below average. lots of sunshine. pleasant temperatures. low humidity. we'll do it again tonight. clear and comfortable overnight. 67 degrees your overnight low. here is your weekend forecast. 88 tomorrow. near 90. a few touch 90 by sunday afternoon. the humidity will be creeping back. dry through monday afternoon. tuesday our next chance for rain. let's look at some traffic. now is the time to head to the beach if that's where you're headed. 50 looks good traveling to and from the bay bridge. 395 has some problems in the main line. northbound north at duke street. activity involving two vehicles. left side of the road is
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blocked. the express lanes open for business. there's a brief rubber necking delay. we're receiving word of a crash after university boulevard but before new hampshire avenue. so be careful on that inner loop commute in the direction of college park. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. still no progress as the president and congressional leaders continue their talks on the nation's debt crisis. john boehner spoke about the ongoing debate. >> we're going to come to an agreement. there's going to be plenty of difficulty on both sides of the political aisle. but i think it's time to do as much cutting as we possibly can. otherwise, our debt is going to consume our entire economy. that's not good. >> there will not be a meeting today, but president obama has
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scheduled a news conference for later today. brian ben bernanke speaking out. joining us more is michael london. good to have you with us. what we just heard from john boehner and other people speaking out, it's getting to the point where it's getting into dangerous territory. >> we're starting to get a little worried. we need to raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd. if we don't do something by then, the government is going to be forced to do things people aren't going to like. could have wide-ranging economic effects. >> even if this is done, how does this work from an economic standpoint? even if cuts are approved, does
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it take effect immediately? what happens? >> ideally what you'd have is a package of deficit reductions which include a little spending cuts from every column. all sorts of things. then that stuff wouldn't take effect for another two years. you don't want to do anything in the short-term that would impayroll the fragile recovery. i don't know what the package will look like, but that's the sweet spot. you're trying to get a lot of deficit reduction, but we don't want to do too much too fast to impayroll this shaky recovery we have. >> john boehner saying we don't want the debt to consume the empire economy. are we to that point? >> not yet. our debt levels are at acceptable levels this year and next year, but what worries economists is in 15 years, the
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projections really don't look good. especially if we maintain current policies. so that's why we do need to make some changes to the federal budget. there's a lot of concern if we can do it in enough time. what will happen if we don't raise the debt ceiling in time. if we don't raise the debt ceiling, we get into some scary territory. stuff we don't know what exactly will happen. we did know the federal government will have to cut 45% of its spending to bring spending in line with revenue. the gap between those things is what necessitates the borrowing. if you can't borrow, you have to cut to get down to that balance. it's not clear social security checks will go out. it's not clear we'll be able to make the payments on the
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national debt. that's what really scares me. >> how long does it take to recover from something like that? or is this something that takes a long time to catch up? >> we don't know for sure. we know there was this episode in 1979 that the treasury by accident and very temporarily didn't make a payment on the national debt. there was a permanent couple- year increase in interest rate. that meant it ended up costing the treasury hundreds of millions of dollars because they forgot to make a payment one day. this is much worse than that. and on a larger scale. we could see long-lasting consequences. >> the credit rating for the country. what happens if that gets effected? how do we deal with that in the short-term and long-term? >> some of the rating agencies said if we don't raise the debt ceiling, they are considering dropping our rating. what that means is it's an indication that the people who
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lend the federal government money, that's americans, american companies, foreigners, they are starting to get nervous the safety of that. america is the gold standard when it comes to debt. we have always paid our debts. we have never defaulted. but really we are considered absolutely topnotch. if we're no longer considered topnotch? considering that a lot of debt in this country is tied to treasury debt, what will happen to interest rates for everybody? things like mortgages, car loans, payroll loans. those things will all go up. that's bad. >> not something that you want to get involved with. nothing at this point really. politicians are still trying to hammer things out. the president will have availability with the press today at 11:00. you deal with the economic aspect of it, but you also deal
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with the political aspect of it. do you expect this to come together? >> hopefully they will do it before august 2nd. the closer we get there, the more nervous the market gets. i think i would guess that the pressure is all on to raise the debt ceiling. everybody who has looked at this knows we have to raise the debt ceiling. so it's really not an argument about whether or not to raise it. it's just how to get there. i think we will. i think it would be a huge punch in our own face if we didn't do it. i think we'll avoid it. >> we're keeping the fingers crossed and hoping so. we'll see what happens on capitol hill. thank you, michael. glad to have you with us this morning. time is 7:39 on this friday morning. coming up, we'll put the fix it to the deal or dud test. 
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a new digital music service lets users down load music for free. you can access more than 15 million free songs, but you have to listen to a few 15- second ads to get to them. there's another catch. the site hopes you're going to pay $5 a month for a computer only version without the ads. there's an option you have to pay for it. more competition for the ipad. the wall street journal reports amazon will announce its unnamed tablet. it's going to run on the android platform. it's expected to have a 9-inch screen. no word on cost. the value of gold has set an all time high. an ounce of the stuff is worth about $1,600. the price rose yesterday after
7:44 am
moody's said it cut the u.s. credit rating. the more and more i think about it, the more i think i had a room full of gold bars. >> that was video of my basement. >> i've been stockpiling it for years. >> how heavy is a gold bar? >> i guess it depends on how big the bar is. a pound? i don't know. >> i've never had the pleasure of holding a gold bar. >> the forecast for the weekend couldn't be better. i think we'll have an award- winning forecast. want to start in the beaches.
7:45 am
i know many of you headed out of town. if you picked this weekend to be across the eastern shore, you picked a perfect weekend. bright sunshine. you'll see a few passing clouds. but generally fine conditions with highs in the mid-80s. overnight lows in the 70s. humidity will be in check here for the next couple days. as we drive north here, you're in fine shape. look at the water temperature. 75 degrees. that's refreshing. it's a perfect water temperature. >> i think that's close to the peak heating here with the water. >> i have to do this. in the story i want to make sure. >> we're hoping that doesn't happen as lawmakers reach a
7:46 am
deal soon. >> we'll have the president's press conference at 11:00 here on fox 5. we will also have miss julie wright. >> we're talking about the beach forecast. i just want to make note for your friends and family coming in from the north to the south, southbound i-95 is closed off due to a crash involving a tractor trailer and one other vehicle. it's closed off until further notice. that's south on 95. a lot of traffic on 40. but 40 really taking the heat this morning with that accident. that's on the southbound side. northbound everything remains open. closer to home, 395. they cleared that accident from the left lane. delays in the main lines. inner loop spotty delays. and on the inner loop after university boulevard cleared. delays are with you from postal road. parkway inbound towards south.
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no incidents to report here. the parkway at stanton road tieing up the right side of the hay. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. some harry potter fans probably still sleeping this morning. the final film in the series hit theaters at midnight last night. at one local theater, fans camped out some for well over a day. they seemed to be enjoying the wait. >> i think the best part about harry potter is the fans and the relationship you get with the fans. these are random people we have never met before. and we're now friends because of harry potter. >> it's like a trend. all coming together. harry potter the highest- grossing franchise of all time. for the first time now in 3d. in our next hour, we're going
7:48 am
to be live from the theater in northwest washington with reaction from some of the folks who caught the 3 a.m. showing of the film. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. this picture you see is a photo of michelle and her daughter. things just aren't right in her world until she sees the weather report. find us on facebook to become our friend. coming up next, the long awaited last installment of the harry potter films are out. holly morris is live where she's learning about magic. 
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you should expect potions to be a big part of the harry potter movie. >> holly morris is in alexandria this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they didn't need to build a movie set for this last movie. they could have just come here to this museum in alexandria. this is my first time here. for me to find some place new is exciting. this really is just amazing. this is the curator of the museum. tell me about this place. >> apothecary is where you come
7:53 am
to get your medicine. you came straight in and said i have a stomach ache. they would go into the shelfs and drawers around him and pour the medicines and mix them right in front of you. unlike the wizards in harry potter where they need 7 years to learn their craft, apothecaries could do it in just a couple years. this place has been here since 1792. it closed in 1933. we're looking at all of the products and materials from the business that they were using for those years. >> reporter: the oldest running business in alexandria. i'm going to go behind the
7:54 am
counter. i'm guessing one of the things that people came here for was they just wanted something to cure everything. >> exactly. we have a couple examples here. if you had kid knee problems, you'd use our kidney cure. there's no guarantee as to what's in here. probably a good bit of alcohol, which you could have for breakfast or dinner and lunch. we have lots of medicines. no guarantee as to what was in them. we have a good collection that they would make and sell themselves. also sell what they had of their competitors. >> reporter: this was all the real deal back in the day. so not magic. but we can't do harry potter without a little magic.
7:55 am
that's where joe romano comes in. harry potter started with a book. i see you're heading. >> the goblet of fire. >> reporter: it's good to see you. you're still doing your school shows. we do all kinds of things. >> reporter: i want to see some great stuff this morning. i hear you have some good stuff. >> okay. you have to stand back a bit.
7:56 am
>> reporter: that looks good. we have a link to the museum's website. come out and check out this wonderful place yourself. we also have a link to joe romano's magic website in case you want to schedule him or check out more of what he does. but you can just stay tuned. he's going to do more magic live for us next hour.
7:57 am
back to you in the studio. >> thank you. i'm always impressed. we have some comedy coming up. he's known for his comedy in the group of the kids in the hall. he'll be with us later this morning. played several movie roles. the funny man will join us live in studios. stay with us. 
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it's the bipartisan blame game on capitol hill. i'm mary ann rafferty. also live on connecticut avenue where the first reviews on harry potter part 2 are
8:01 am
coming in now. we'll have those for you in the next half hour. that's all coming up. good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. tgif, everybody. let's get the latest on our weekend weather from tucker barnes. >> good morning. it doesn't get better than a friday and a perfect forecast. sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. the next couple days, just ideal. satellite radar will show you we have just a few clouds passing through. not going to amount to much. it looks more impressive on the radar than it is. i stepped outdoors. there's a few thin clouds out there. plenty of sunshine across the area. temperatures overnight were in the 50s and low 60s. 69 right now at reagan national. humidity in check. winds are out of the west at 5
8:02 am
miles per hour. it should be a comfortable day for you. highs later today in the mid- 80s. outdoor plans tonight go for it. our lows will be back in the 60s. nice and cool for the time being. more details on the forecast in just a couple minutes. let's get a look at traffic. northbound 395 all the activity is gone. no need to worry about this accident. traffic remains heavy. inner loop delays are with you headed towards 236 and approaching 66. eastbound 66 on the brakes. on the inner loop incident has cleared. lanes are open to and from the bay bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on
8:03 am
time traffic. the government now borrows more than 40 cents out of each dollar that it spends. if the debt ceiling does not rise, the government would need to choose to pay and not pay. the die long has turned to finger pointing and the president plans to address the press core later today. >> reporter: the debt clock continues to tick upward before the country's money runs out. >> we looked at all available options and we have no way it give congress more time to solve this problem. >> reporter: the federal reserve chairman says he fears financial system chaos and the dialogue on capitol hill intensifies that no solutions are in sight. >> if we don't reach an agreement, we'll have less than two-thirds of the funds we need to cover these vital obligations. >> this is personal. this is personal as far as the impact it has on america's
8:04 am
families. >> reporter: there's plenty of finger pointing. the senate minority leader put his words president obama. >> if he'd rather borrow and send us into oblivion, then he can do that. >> instead of working towards a solution, republicans are pushing us towards the default. >> reporter: there's a difference between democrats and republicans. >> it's like two groups of people from two different planets who barely understand the language of the other one. >> reporter: the best evidence of that the sniping continuing on wednesday. >> eric canter showed he shouldn't even be at the table. >> leader reed is frustrated. >> reporter: president obama has planned another news conference for this morning. the white house says talks will continue. mary ann rafferty, fox news.
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>> we will carry the president's address live at 11:00 this morning. we'll also stream it live on new this morning, the head of britain's news international that controls the british newspapers has resigned. rebecca brooks is stepping down in the wake of the scandal at the paper. she's the biggest casualty so far of the phone hacking controversy. rupert murdoch suspended brooks and refused to accept her resignation. they agreed to answer questions next week. fox 5 is owned by news corp. a fire at holy cross hospital in silver spring overnight forces the evacuation of some patients. but they are all okay this morning. we get more on this big story from sherri ly live in silver spring. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the hospital remained open and those patients were only evacuated to another area of
8:06 am
the building. the fire was put out in about 20 minutes. but it did cause for some tense moments when smoke filled part of the hospital. the hospital workers quickly mobilized, but its emergency plan was put into action. the fire first reported around 11:15 on the third floor of the hospital last night where the labor and delivery suites are located. those patients were safely evacuated. no patient care or deliveries were interrupted. the fire was not inside the building, but it appears to have started outside the hospital on or near the ground floor in a mechanical system. firefighters responded almost immediately because of fire and rescue crews were already at the hospital. >> fire and rescue had one of our medic units that delivered a patient to the department at the time. they went to investigate where they found a fire on the exterior of the building in the
8:07 am
area of the third floor. >> the hospital near and dear to my heart. thank you. sherri ly live in silver spring. another big story we're working. a close call in montgomery county. a boy leaving a store with his father grabbed by a stranger. the man picked up the 2-year- old and ran to a parking lot, but the father and several customers were able to chase him down and make sure he did not get away. police say it happened just feet from the front door of this best buy. the father and young son had just left a checkout when authorities say jermaine palmer snatched the 2-year-old and tried to take off. >> the father pursued the
8:08 am
suspect and grabbed him and subdued him. the child was released. >> reporter: authorities say palmer then ran for the parking lot where several concerned customers helped chase him down and hold him until police could arrive. >> citizens were right there and witnessed it. they were in close proximity and stepped in and assisted. >> reporter: news spread quickly. a day after the incident, we met one customer who was keeping an extra close eye on his 4-year-old daughter after hearing about the attempted abduction. >> i didn't want to take any chances. >> reporter: it's a parent's constant fear. never knowing who might be focusing on your kid. >> oh yeah. snatch your kid and run away. you think about it all the time. >> reporter: back to the kidnapping. officials say the boy and father escaped without serious injury. and thanks to the help of some concerned strangers, jermaine palmer was unable to get away. >> it doesn't matter where you
8:09 am
are or how safe you think you may be, children are susceptible to things of this nature. >> authorities say they believe he was under the influence of some substance and point out he has been in trouble with the law in the past. at last check he was in jail on a $75,000 bond. the man who stole a car is in court today. this started wednesday night if baltimore at a gas station and ended on the beltway. that's where the 24-year-old victim bailed out of the car with her son. fox 5 was able to speak to that mother about the decision she had to make. >> he was doing like 110 at a point. i'm thinking if he's doing that and he hits anybody, it's tragic.. >> the suspect 22-year-old is
8:10 am
facing kidnapping and assault charges. a d.c. officer accused of attacking several women while in uniform.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less?
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8:13 am
a d.c. police officer now charged with sexually assaulting three women. the most recent case happened last july. authorities say that officer larry say was on duty when he approached the women on the street and ordered them to follow him to a secluded area. he had his police powers revoked last year. two arrests in a deadly home invasion. investigators say john hampton and craig brooks posed as workers to get inside a home on wednesday. they are accused of shooting and killing a homeowner. surprise end to the roger clemens perjury trial on just the second day of testimony. the case against roger clemens
8:14 am
ended in a mistrial when a judge halted it. clemens could no longer get a fair trial. there will be a hearing in september to decide whether clemens should face another trial. just before 8:14. we turn ore attention to tucker barnes. >> good morning. let's get down to business. it's time for our photo of the day. this is charlotte. she just got her first tooth.
8:15 am
send us your pictures. charlotte, i hope you have a beautiful day. it will be a nice day at the playground. let's get to the temperatures. want to let you know we had overnight lows back in the 50s and low 60s across much of the area. 69 at reagan national. it's not just washington. look at the comfortable air off to the north and northwest. rochester at 56. that's not a bad temperature. i want to focus on these temperatures a little bit. it's going to be hot later today. they are going to be in the triple digits this afternoon and for much of the weekend. dallas at 83. wichita at 81. this heat is going to build and build all weekend and guess where it's going to spread as we get into early next week? enjoy the next couple days because early next week our temperatures are going to start to top out in the mid-90s around here.
8:16 am
humidity will be back as well. satellite radar, i don't have much to show you. mostly sunny day today. 85 for an afternoon high. should be comfortable with humidity in check for the the next couple days. a warm-up towards the end of the weekend. there's your 5-day forecast. next chance of rain will be late in the day on tuesday. next couple days will be perfect. let's do some on time traffic with julie wright. lanes are open with no incidents to report traveling to and from the bay bridge. if you're planning to head to the beaches this weekend, now would be the time to go. 95 in maryland still tied up with that very serious crash that remains under investigation. 40 is taking the heat with the bailout traffic. it's southbound 95 closed off. northbound is open. beltway clearing out nicely. no incidents to report right now. south on 95 out of laurel, don't forget beginning next
8:17 am
week they will do a stretch of repaving. it will make for a bumpy ride. they will dig up part of the roadway. it will be on the beltway between connecticut avenue and coleville road. 395 northbound still recovering from the earlier accident duke street. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. this week chris wallace continues his interviews with republican presidential hopefuls. this week her main cane is up. chris joins us live from capitol hill with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> we want to let you talk about what you're going to have on the show this week including what's been dominating the headlines which is the debt ceiling crisis. >> we'll have guests on that. we don't know who they are because the situation is so fluid. i think we'll have top white
8:18 am
house and congressional officials to give us the very latest on the debt crisis. the president has basically said they have got to have a deal by a week from today if they are going to do all of the legislative work that needs to be done before you can actually get it passed by august 2nd. so we'll talk to some officials. we'll get latest on that. and we'll continue our series of interviews on the 2012 election. this week we'll be talking to her main cane, the former head of godfather's pizza. he became a very successful businessman. it seems to me that the 2012 race is divided between mitt romney who seems to be the front runner, and a bunch of people who are vying to be his chief opponent.
8:19 am
and so we'll talk to him about how he tries to emerge as the antiromney. we'll talk to him about that on sunday. >> before we let you go. all the talk about the debt ceiling. in your experience, can you remember this ever being such a huge issue as what we're seeing now. at the time, i guess it has. but it seems so serious because we're getting so close to the end. the debt has become a bigger problem than it was because of quite frankly the spending and the increased deficit under george bush and now under president obama. we're in uncharted territory. and so i think the debt is about as big an issue and about a z pressing. when you have these top rating services saying we're going to downgrade you as debt, which means we'd have to pay more to borrow from other countries.
8:20 am
that's serious stuff. >> affecting all of us. thank you so much. we'll see you on sunday. >> thank you, allison. a benefit water ride helping soldiers kicked off in annapolis. the eastern pennsylvania river runners started their trip about 6:00 this morning. charity event called operation helping heros. the group plans to raise $3,000 to help soldiers injured in combat. 20 minutings past the hour right now. two planes collide on the ground at boston's logan airport. we'll share the video when we come back. 
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
the crew of atlantis woke up to the beatles this morning. also a personal message from paul mccartney. the day kicks off day number 8 of the mission. atlantis returns to earth for the last time next week ending nasa's 30-year shuttle program. the crew will had spend the day troubleshooting a technical problem on board. one of the five main computers has failed. the second computer malfunction since sunday. they are using a backup computer. atlantis is in stable condition and there are no concerns for the crew's safety. >> scary moments for passengers on logan international airport. last night a delta jet clipped a tail of a delta connector
8:25 am
carrier operated by southeast airlines. investigators are trying to figure out how this happened. both planes were damaged. both have been taken out of service for inspection. one passenger complained of neck plane. otherwise, no injuries reported. 8:25. every city and state looking for ways to save money. one sheriff has come up with a cost-cutting measure that involves underwear. that story when we come back.  [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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8:28 am
8:28 this morning. she's been vilified nationwide talking about casey anthony since being found not guilty. but also has supporters. her account is up more than $200 since last friday's verdict. she's received donations from people as far away as canada. she's set to be freed from jail on sunday. we teased you with this
8:29 am
one. inmates at a county jail near tampa can't get free underwear anymore. the sheriff of polk county says that the cost-saving measure adds up to $45,000 a year. no state or federal law requires him to provide underwear for inmates. inmates can still buy underwear from the jail or they can go commando. 8:29 now on this friday morning. >> that's an important story. i'm glad we got that out there. >> it's saving money. let's get to the headlines.
8:30 am
bonus weather for july. we're definitely in the bonus category as temperatures overnight back in the 50s and 60s. if you think this weather is unusual, you'd be right. this is very unusual for around here this time of year to be enjoying temperatures in the 80s and not much humidity. later today bright sunshine expected. weekend looks fantastic. nice and dry. if you have outdoor activities planned, no problems. no rain expected around here until early next week. with the chance of rain somes more heat and humidity. i think you'll notice the humidity by sunday. the heat really gets back in here by monday and tuesday. here are your temperatures. reagan national we have jumped to 73 degrees. overnight lows we're back in the 60s. even here inside the beltway. 68 in dells. 72 in annapolis. satellite radar i don't have a lot to show you.
8:31 am
a few clouds streaming through there. we should be mostly sunny around here today. as we focus to the west, there's not a lot in the way of organized systems. high pressure will keep us high and dry for the next couple days. should protect us from any rain until early next week. there you go. later today 86 degrees. lows in the 60s. tomorrow 88. by sunday i think you'll notice a warm-up in the upper 80s with more humidity. monday and tuesday well into the 90s by tuesday. it looks like the hot weather will stick around into the middle of next week. that's a look at your forecast. maybe they took the day off work. harry potter fans don't follow the rules. they are lining up for a 9 a.m. showing of harry potter and the deathly hollows part 2. what's
8:32 am
going on out there? >> reporter: we have some people going in. the 9:00 showing is going on right now. so people are in line here as you can see. but the magical journey is ending. it's definitely a sad yet exciting moment for potter fans all around the world. over here, i have my harry potter glasses and my wand. i'm not the only one dressed up. gwen has a special story behind this. >> this is actually the robe my mom made me the year the first one came out. i wore it for the first halloween. then i put it aside. i figured i should break it out. >> reporter: people grew up with the books and movies. are you sad it's coming to an end? >> yeah. because i love the books and the movies were great.
8:33 am
>> reporter: i love your tank. >> i thought it was amazing. even the battle scenes were a little anticlimactic. >> the 3d effects were still amazing. >> it was so good. it was incredible. i loved it. it was so worth seeing it at 3 a.m. >> reporter: i had to step out of line here. people are anxious to walk in. they are letting the 9:00 crowd in now. the next showing is at 12:15.
8:34 am
make sure you check out your local listings. there's a lot of theaters showing this movie. and you can see it in 2d or 3d. we spoke to a reviewer who said he suggests actually watching it in 2d. so we'll have more for you in the 9:00 how. back to you. 8:34 on this friday morning. it's time to ask allison. >> a serious issue. a lot of folks deal with this issue. we're talking about the rights of parents outside of a marriage. we're calling in an expert. cyber thieves strike the u.s. government stealing thousands of sensitive files from the department of defense. we'll have that story coming up. 
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
after a shutdown of the government in minnesota, there's word this morning of an agreement to end that. the governor struck a deal with
8:38 am
republicans who dominate the legislature there. it came after a 3-hour negotiating session that followed major concessions by the governor. if details are worked out and legislators approved deal, it would end the state's longest shutdown in their history. pentagon officials explaning a cyber heist as they outline their new strategy. jennifer griffin has the details from the pentagon. >> reporter: cyber thieves get away with a massive amount of files from the defense department. the hack attack happened in march. but the deputy secretary of defense just revealing the details on thursday. >> this was significant and it was a defense contractor. it was data related to systems that are being developed for the department of defense. it was large. 24,000 files. it was done we think by a foreign intelligence service. a nation or state was behind
8:39 am
it. >> reporter: he would not elaborate on which nations they thought was behind the theft. although it is believed to have originated from russia or china. but terrorist groups pose a greater threat because they would be less fearful of repercussions. >> if a terrorist group obtains tools, we have to assume they will strike with little hesitation. >> reporter: the pentagon has already been working with folks in the tech industry to build a new set of safeguards to try to make its systems more agile and responsive. >> an important element of our strategy is focused on denying or minimizing the benefit of an attack. we have to have a system that recognizes an attack, registers it, and allows us to react in a way that's appropriate. >> reporter: the cyber command estimates the pentagon computer systems are probed by would be assailants 250,000 times each
8:40 am
hour. jennifer griffin, fox news. up next, we're going to put the so called mighty fix it to the deal or dud test. 
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
i have wondered if this works. now we'll all know. the mighty fix it is being put to the deal or dud test. >> it's called mighty fix it and advertised to work in all sorts of situations. while it won't leave behind a sticky mess, it will stick to itself. so we stuck to some tried and true testers. >> if you're tired of temporary tape or grossed out by glue,
8:46 am
makers of this product say the fix is in. it's a flexible wrap. >> we called on some deal or dud all stars. home improvement experts gordon karlson and eric freeman. mighty fix it adheres to itself and is advertised to flex like rubber and hold like steel and just like on tv, it does. of course, eventually, it does snap, but the bond stayed in tact. in the ad, it's able to repair this leaky pipe. >> as you're wrapping it, you want to keep a constant stretch. >> it seems to do the same for
8:47 am
us. until we introduced some water pressure. >> if it was nonpressured, it would probably work. but on a pressure line, i wouldn't use it. >> it did come off with no residue, same as you see in the ad. >> the insulation is pulled out of the plug. >> gordon has exposed wires. so we grabbed some mighty fix it and start wrapping. the cord is covered and the fix is flexible. >> it's not coming apart. >> because it leaves behind no residue, gordon says he'd prefer this product over electrical tape. >> electrical tape tends to loosen up and move. >> so this isn't supposed to be affected by heat. >> correct. >> let's find out. which brings us to this commercial claim. watch how the tape melts and
8:48 am
burns, but the fix it stands the heat. we also passed the tool grit test. it was the solution for these scooter handles. when we had a hole in our vacuum hose, we couldn't even lift this package of nuts and bolts. but mighty fix it repaired the hole and restored suction. and take a look at this. when we made a hole in this radiator hose, mighty fix it seems to be the silicone solution. >> it's called mighty fix it. deal or dud? >> i think it's a deal. but i wouldn't use it in high pressure-type applications. >> i spoke to gordon. he says his radiator hose is working just fine.
8:49 am
we saved on shipping when we bought ours locally on walgreens. you can go to the manufacturers website from harry potter fans probably sleepy this morning. harry potter part 2 premiered last night. >> it's the 8th and final movie in this franchise. holly morris is live at the apothecary museum. >> reporter: good morning. if only i was magical, that would be great. but i can come here to the museum and learn how to do fun stuff. you the harry potter thing has been good for you too. it allows you to do fun stuff like this. >> it has. we're going to make some
8:50 am
sleeping potions. we're going to grind it up with mortar. then once you have it nice and finely ground, it takes a lot of work. >> reporter: this is something you do if you schedule a special tour or a birthday party. this is one of the activities people can do. >> exactly. the kids get a chance to make all the parts. they assemble it down to bottling and even doing a label for it. >> reporter: you can really smell the lavender. >> we're going to add a little more oil just to thin it out.
8:51 am
now i want you to stir it up. >> reporter: a pretty easy recipe really. >> this is the hard part. getting it in the bottle. if you bend the cup a little, that will make your spout. >> reporter: as i put this in there, i want to bring in our magician, joe romano. he's also having some hairly potter fun with us. cue the music. right on time. what do you have going? >> can we give the the sleeping potion to my dog? that's what i'd like. it disappoints me you say you're a mug l. this is a tissue paper trick. you tear it up in pieces and hopefully restores it.
8:52 am
take the tissue paper. i need you to tear it right down the middle. when you get home, get a dictionary and look up the word middle. take all the pieces and stack them up. fold them in half. blow on it. wiggle your fingers. say the magic words. open up your paper and show
8:53 am
this audience. your paper is going back together. >> okay. you screwed up. i'm going to put it with my torn pieces. we have a lot of torn pieces of tissue paper. watch. check it out. you just made yourself an official take that home. tomorrow morning it will be a tooth. >> reporter: is our website. we have a link to the museum's website and joe's website. more fun in our next hour.
8:54 am
8:54 right now. you watch it and it's phenomenal. the phenomenon of facebook continues to grow. 600 million people using the site. >> many say they can't live without it. they can't quit it's so addicting. >> reporter: in the world of facebook, it's so instantaneous. you can see what people are doing. >> reporter: kathy is a bit of a rock star. >> i like having the ability to show people what i'm doing. show people my pictures. >> at 14 she's got 779 friends. >> i had that like in the back of my head. >> reporter: she's discovered she likes being liked. >> i always get so excited. i'm always like who commented. especially when people like a
8:55 am
status. but then a bunch of people like it. i'm like yes. >> reporter: this 29-year-old lives a pretty busy life. >> i have a 6-year-old and a 4- year-old. i have a husband. i'm in school full-time. >> reporter: but she's never too busy to check in. >> i'm always on facebook. it's on my cell phone and i pod and computer. >> i have to say good morning to everybody. >> reporter: then all day. >> the movie was so bad. i thought everybody should know that do not go to this music. >> reporter: when she's supposed to be sleeping, she posts in the middle of the night. >> something to read. something to look at. >> reporter: facebook isn't just good company. >> i like having it there for
8:56 am
me. it's always there. >> reporter: it's good business. >> i get people messaging me asking if you have this particular shoe in size or what brands do you carry? i try to answer quickly as many questions as i can. >> reporter: facebook is now at 600 million members and counting. dr. charles assistant professor of psychiatry at the school of medicine says he didn't fully get facebook until he tried it. >> when i got on there, i realized it's a cross between an instant celebrity. you're back in your hometown again. >> reporter: one reason it's so powerful. instant gratification. >> if you post something, it pops up immediately. >> it's more like running an advertising agency for yourself. everybody wants to be known. everybody likes to feel like what they are doing is worthy of being on television.
8:57 am
we spend our lives watching that box. >> facebook is a way to publish what you do. you put it out there and people are knowing what your kids did. it's like you're kind of a celebrity. >> reporter: she admits sometimes she overdoes it. >> my husband will be carrying on a conversation. if i hear that chime, i will go to my phone. he's like are you listening to me? what did i just say to you. >> people do become dependent on it. >> i did a cleanse at one point. i did a week without it. i missed it a little bit. >> reporter: i've gone as far as deleting it off my phone and ipod and deactivating my account. >> she lasted five days. >> i was just going nuts. what's going on. nobody was calling me. i started using it as a tool of communication. i wasn't getting any text messages. >> reporter: needing a facebook
8:58 am
fix isn't necessarily a bad thing. as long as you can find a balance. >> that's the challenge of something like facebook. how do you use it and benefit from it? how do you not let it take over your life. >> i still have lots of friends in real life. we still talk and have actual conversations. i don't want to completely stay off, but i think i need to tone it down a little bit. >> what would kathy do if facebook went away? >> i would be sad, but in the end i would be happy. i would spend more time with my family and do more things in the real world. it's hard to think i wasted so much time, but at the same time, i love it. it's hard. >> if you just can't quit, there's an app called self- control that will block your access to facebook, twitter,
8:59 am
or e-mail for a preset period of time. speaking of time, that's our time for this hour. we have one more hour to go. we'll turn it over to allison. we'll find out what's coming up. here's a look at some of the stories we're following for the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. he lost his reelection bid to now mayor vince gray. he now has a new job. he sat down with us to talk about that job and give us some of his own opinions on current politics in the district. plus he's best known for his comedy. also his role on news radio. he also plaid several roles in movies like sky high, a bug's life and dave will join us live in studio later. he's got a show in town this weekend. we'll give you the details. and the final harry potter movie hits theaters today. fans have been lining up all nigt


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